BLVD - epX
BLVD is excited to annouce the release of epX... Featuring five original BLVD tracks produced from 2012-13, all performed for the first time at the 10-Year Anniversary Celebration at The Independent in San Francisco on June 22, 2013. Also including a remix of Martin Solveig's The Night Out, epX is available NOW in multiple file formats for free download at Bandcamp.
Available for free download at Bandcamp.

BLVD - Return to Center
Return to Center is a 4-track EP distilled from recordings in 2010 at The Hearse in Berkeley, California, produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, The Black Keys). BLVD's instrumentation is impeccably captured, and the addition of vintage guitars, amplifiers and synthesizers make for an entertaining set of tracks thick with syrupy analog meatiness. Cover art and logo design by Serge Beaulieu.
Available for free download at Bandcamp.

BLVD - Music For People
A spontaneous live performance led to a nearly three year collaboration between BLVD and Souleye, an itinerant vocalist known in the underground for his freestyling prowess. Recorded in 2008 in San Francisco, and mixed by Dylan McIntosh and Ryan Sibitz at One Union Studios, Music for People relies on the strength of the instrumental trio's dance-floor-friendly layered sound to provide the foundation for the MC, often to commanding effect.
Available on iTunes and other e-music outlets.

BLVD - Digital Disorder
Produced by BLVD while living in Colorado in the spring of 2007, Digital Disorder is a unique project. The band members challenged each other to put down their instruments, and focused on creating primarily electronic compositions showcasing an increased depth and subtlety in both their production technique and songwriting skill.
Available on iTunes and other e-music outlets.

BLVD - Before We See The Sun
BLVD's second album, released in June 2006, combines the sounds of organic live music and electronic breakbeat and house. The album opens with a series of vocal collaborations, and ends with instrumental tracks typical of BLVD's live sound. It was produced by Chocolate O'Brian, whose credits include No Doubt and Flipsyde.
Available on iTunes and other e-music outlets.

BLVD - Debut
In 2005, BLVD recorded the tracks for their debut to analog tape, almost entirely live, at the Ex'pressions Center in Emeryville, CA. The tracks were transferred to digital format and mixed at Moulton Studios in San Francisco by house producer Chuck Diesel.
Available on iTunes and other e-music outlets.
Header Photo: The Independent SF 2011
Photography by John Margaretten